Galleria Schneider – 1967

stroll esprealonist discourse appal • only insensible In the ferments of Ihr present situation in international lot: but In fact his sensibility, united to a very precise poetic vision. reveals that he knows how to assimilate and bring to fruition many tendencies of our amtemporary culture. The Sardinian Austtnio Tanda, an interesting artist whom we have followed for some years, having passed through carnal. experiences. proposes today the recov-er• of the human figure by the (mat’ of “anthropomorphic imprints”. tits recurrent theme is that of the fleshless “torso”, mummified and reduced to a fossil, arrested in time as if by an atomic catastrophe. Eyident in the works of Tanda is his acute feeling for the contemporary world, with its myths, its cosmic aspirations, and its terrible failures. At the Bilico: the sculptures of Stelvio Botta an artist endowed with notable constructive capacity. refined by his long toil at this craft. II is “Ten-sioni” and “Costruz. “*. through a progressive anthropomorphic exalta-tion t that recalls the “personaje” of (sonzalez), reach a very obvious autonomy. escaping from the easy to-temic suggestion by skillful condition-ing of the air space. on a line that goes from Gonzalez to Gargallo, to Ferber and the Italian Tappet°. The finality of Botta’s work is witnessed also by the preciosity that the materials — very common in origin — assume through clever utilization. At the Nowak an interesting show of Paolo Galli. followed by an exbibi• Aim of the Brasilian Delinta, who shows a series of polymateric “assem-blage” inspired by the technical-indus-trial mythologies of our civilization. The results from the points of view of structure and composition are very remarkable and not without a certain originality.

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